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Glasswing offers more than twenty years of experience messaging for industries such as:

  • Healthcare

  • Government

  • Legal

  • Education

  • Engineering

  • IT

  • Financial Services


Glasswing offers personalized customer service tailored to the needs of each client. Your pace is our pace. We are here to be partners, to add value and eliminate constraints on your purpose.


Glasswing is a woman-owned business focused on building an inclusive, empowering corporate culture that supports every professional to be their best.


Glasswing produces results, meets deadlines, exceeds expectations, and cultivates creativity. When your firm is searching for the competitive edge in these areas, choose Glasswing Public Affairs as your guide.


Adversity is just another way of saying a challenge we will overcome with collaboration, cooperation, creativity, and positivity. Trust Glasswing to show the best of your organization to your customers and clients.

About Beth

After a career in technical writing and adult training that spanned almost 20 years, Beth changed her focus from business, education, and technical subjects to social and political ones.

Launching headfirst into campaigning in 2017, Beth learned by doing on the campaign trail. She sought out mentors, influencers, and insiders to channel her passion.

Beth is an advocate for equity, reproductive freedom, public health resources, and education funding. She has pushed to become a relevant and productive part of the Lansing political scene, leaning into her strengths of writing, speaking, organization, and process.

Translating the skills of her earlier career to the public affairs industry has enabled Beth to design websites, write press releases, brainstorm campaign strategy, complete research, and manage multiple clients and projects simultaneously.

Why Choose Glasswing?

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