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Period Equity & MI Period Action Day

Glasswing is an advocacy firm. We work with clients who are doing good work on behalf of other people.

For the nonprofit Period Equity, we partnered to pull together a legislative lobby day & celebration of progress made toward abolishing sales and use taxes on menstrual products in Michigan.

Our Work
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Through grassroots communication, motivation, and leadership, Glasswing was able to educate young activists to effect political change at the State level.

Amos O'Neal, State Representative

Representative O'Neal was first elected to the State House in 2020. In his first term, he made headway on criminal justice reform, education funding, environmental protections, and revenue sharing back into the Saginaw community. A member of the prestigious Appropriations Committee, Rep. O'Neal is a strong, experienced leader with a background in local government.

Our Work
Flint Water Crisis Class Counsel

When the Flint Water Crisis Class Action suit resulted in a landmark settlement and the appointment of an Interim Class Counsel Team, our team was there to roll-out the announcement, set up services for customer service and Case Development team, and push out messaging through media buys.

Our Work
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Even before that, our team coordinated coverage of court hearings, Flint resident transportation to the hearing, and outreach to community leaders and groups. We stood up a website for primary communication of the facts of the legal proceedings, and hosted virtual Town Halls to ensure clear instructions and helpful advice.

Dr. Kimberly Kennedy-Barrington, State Representative

Be a part of HISTORY with Dr. Kimberly Kennedy-Barrington, potentially the FIRST female, diversely-abled, veteran to serve on the House floor!

Our Work

Glasswing worked with Dr. Barrington to start up her campaign. We advised on web design and set-up, voter outreach strategy, strategic messaging, and social media content.

Kathie Dunbar for Lansing, MI Mayor

Glasswing offers strategy for campaign messaging and opportunities for voter contact. We work with your volunteers to optimize activities for budget, time, and skill sets.

Our Work

Glasswing meets each obstacle with creativity and positive action. Campaigns are buoyed by determination, hard work, and commitment to the values of honesty and integrity.

In concert with Glasswing's campaign management, Kathie Dunbar was the second-highest vote-getter in the August 2021 primary, advancing her against the incumbent in the General.

Genesee Health System Community Mental Health Millage

Pulling a community together to pass a community mental health millage requires targeted messaging, community champions, and knowledge of elections to bring home a win.

Our Work

Flip through our brochure to learn more about our methods of passing your election millage.


We provided all of the following services:

  • Formulating the millage amount, writing the ballot language, and devising the spending categories

  • Polling voters, chasing absentees, and designing mailers

  • Recruiting champions and building alliances

  • Publicity through traditional media, social media, and Town Hall presentations

  • Video production, graphic design, and web services

Genesee Health System's Community Mental Health Millage passed with 54% of voters saying yes. Glasswing was proud to be a part of this effort to serve the mental health needs of the People of Genesee County.